Cohen research team presentations at the AGU Fall Meeting 2012

Nov 26

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The American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting will be held next week in San Francisco, CA. If you are attending, you can see several presentations given by members of the Cohen research team.


Oral presentations:

Monday 12/03/12, 10:35am-10:50am:
A12B-02. The Berkeley High spatial Resolution (BEHR) OMI NO2 retrieval: Effects of emission control technology and the economic recession over the U.S. (Invited)
Ronald C. Cohen; Ashley R. Russell; Lukas C. Valin

Tuesday 12/04/12, 2:55pm-3:10pm:
A23H-06. On the coupled chemistry of ozone and organic nitrates as observed in the Uintah Basin, Utah during winter
Lance Lee; Paul J. Wooldridge; Jessica B. Gilman; Brian M. Lerner; Joost A. De Gouw; Eric J. Williams; John S. Holloway; Carsten Warneke; James M. Roberts; Martin Graus; Ronald C. Cohen

Wednesday 12/05/12, 8:40am-9:00am:
A31K-03. Multifunctional organic nitrates: A decade of TD-LIF Observations (Invited)
Ronald C. Cohen

Wednesday 12/05/12, 5:15pm-5:30pm:
A34B-06. Observations of a seasonal cycle in NOx emissions from fires in the African savanna
Anna K. Mebust;
Ronald C. Cohen

Poster presentations:

Monday 12/03/12, 8:00am-12:20pm
A11A-0011. Evaporation kinetics of acetic acid-water solutions
Kaitlin Duffey; Nolan Wong; Richard Saykally; Ronald C. Cohen

A11H-0161. On the Temperature Dependence and Decadal Trends of Ozone in the San Joaquin Valley: Constraints from Measurements at the CalNex-Bakersfield Supersite
Sally E. Pusede; Drew R. Gentner; Paul J. Wooldridge; Eleanor C. Browne; Abhinav Guha; Allen H. Goldstein; Jordan Thomas; William H. Brune; Joshua P. DiGangi; Samuel B. Henry; Frank N. Keutsch; Melinda R. Beaver; Jason M. St Clair; Paul O. Wennberg; Ronald C. Cohen

Friday 12/07/12, 1:40pm-6:00pm
GC53B-1273. The Berkeley Atmospheric CO2 Observation Network (BEACON): Measuring Greenhouse Gases and Criteria Pollutants within the Urban Dome
Virginia E. Teige; Katja Weichsel; Andrew Hooker; Paul J. Wooldridge; Ronald C. Cohen