Principal Investigator - 510.642.2735

Ronald C. Cohen - Professor Cohen's research focuses on developing and applying new experimental and modeling strategies for understanding the chemical composition of the Earth's atmosphere now and in the past and for predicting future changes.

Email: rccohen AT     Office: B68 Hildebrand

Administrative Assistant - 510.643.0860

Maria Rodriguez

Email: marodriguez AT     Office: B45A Hildebrand

Staff Scientist - 510.642.8001

Paul Wooldridge - Field and laboratory studies

Email: pjwool AT     Office: B47 Hildebrand

Postdocs - 510.642.8001

 Carly Ebben - Field Studies

 Email: cjebben AT     Office: B45A Hildebrand

 Amanda Frossard - Evaporation Kinetics

 Email: afrossard AT     Office: B45A Hildebrand     Website: Frossard Research

 Azimeh Zare -Atmospheric Modeling

 Email: azare AT     Office: B45A Hildebrand

Graduate Students - 510.642.8001

Erin Delaria - Laboratory Studies

Email: erin.delaria AT     Office: B47 Hildebrand

 Hannah Kenagy

 Email: hskenagy AT     Office: B47 Hildebrand

 Jinsol Kim - BEACON project

 Email: ssori1508 AT     Office: B47 Hildebrand

Josh Laughner - Satellites and modeling

Email: jlaughner AT     Office: B47 Hildebrand

 Kaitlyn Lieschke

 Email: kaitlyn_lieschke AT     Office: B70A Hildebrand

Xueling Liu - Satellites and modeling

Email: liuxl08 AT     Office: B47 Hildebrand

Paul Romer - Field studies

Email: promer AT     Office: B70A Hildebrand

Alexis Shusterman - BEACON project

Email: shusterman.alexis AT     Office: B70A Hildebrand

Tamara Sparks - Field and laboratory studies

Email: tsparks AT     Office: B70A Hildebrand

Megan Vieira - Laboratory studies

Email: m.vieira AT     Office: B47 Hildebrand

Visiting Scholar - 510.642.8001

Alex Turner - BEACON project

Email: aturner AT     Office: B47 Hildebrand 


Garima Raheja - BEACON project

Wayne Li - Evaporation Kinetics

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