Safety Resources
Safety-Related links and electronic versions of  the Cohen research team Safe Operating Procedures (SOPs) are collected here for ease-of-use. Physical copies can be found in B49 and B45 Hildebrand. Tamara Sparks is the current safety officer for the group.

Laser SOPs

530nm Fiber Laser pdf   doc

Class 3b Diode Laser pdf   doc

YAG and Dye Laser System pdf   doc

Class IV OPS 514nm Laser System pdf

Chemical SOPs

Acutely Toxic Chemicals pdf  

Acutely Toxic Gases pdf  

Flammables pdf  

Peroxide Forming Chemicals pdf  

Regulated Carcinogens pdf  

Reproductive Toxins pdf  

Strong Acids pdf  

Strong Bases pdf  

Strong Oxidizing Agents pdf