Here you can find information about past members of the Cohen Research Team.


Erin Delaria, 2020
Post Doc, UC Berkeley, Department of Chemistry
PhD Thesis (UCB Only)

Paul Romer, 2018
Colorado Department of Public Health
PhD Thesis (UCB Only)

Alexis Shusterman, 2018
Lecturer, UC Berkeley, Department of Chemistry
PhD Thesis

Tamara Sparks, 2018
California Department of Public Health

PhD Thesis (UCB only)

Joshua Laughner, 2018
Postdoctoral Fellow, California Institute of Technology
PhD Thesis (UCB only)

Benjamin Nault, 2015
Postdoctoral Researcher in CACC (Center for Aerosol and Cloud Chemistry) Aerodyne
PhD Thesis (UCB only)

Lance Lee, 2014
Postdoctoral Fellow, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

llee AT
PhD Thesis (UCB only)

Sally Pusede, 2014
Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia
sepusede AT
PhD Thesis (UCB only)

Anna Mebust, 2013
Environmental Protection Agency, Region 9

PhD Thesis (UCB only)

Lukas Valin, 2012
Environmental Protection Agency, Research Triangle Park

valin.lukas AT
PhD Thesis (UCB only)

Eleanor Browne, 2012
Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Colorado Boulder

ecbrowne AT
PhD Thesis (UCB only)

Kyung-Eun Min, 2012
Assistant Professor, School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology

kemin AT
PhD Thesis (UCB only)

Ashley Russell, 2012
EPA Region 9

PhD Thesis (UCB only)

Walter Drisdell, 2010
Staff Scientist, LBL, Berkeley, CA
wsdrisdell AT

PhD Thesis (UCB only)

Andrew Rollins, 2010
Research Scientist, NOAA, Boulder CO
andrew.rollins AT

PhD Thesis (UCB only)

Anne Perring, 2009
Assistant Professor, Colgate University, NY

PhD Thesis (UCB only)

Idalia Perez-Muskus, 2008
Environmental Protection Specialist, EPA, San Francisco CA

PhD Thesis (UCB only)

Chika Minejima, 2008
Assistant Professor at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology 

PhD Thesis (UCB only)

Delphine Farmer, 2006
Associate Professor, Colorado State, Fort Collins, CO
delphine.farmer AT

PhD Thesis (UCB only)

Tim Bertram, 2006
Professor, University of Wisconsin

PhD Thesis (UCB only)

Jennifer Murphy, 2005
Professor, University of Toronto
jmurphy AT

PhD Thesis (UCB only)

Chris Cappa, 2005
Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, UC Davis
cdcappa AT

PhD Thesis (UCB only)

Ezra Wood, 2004
Department of Chemistry, Drexel University

PhD Thesis (UCB only)

Rebecca Rosen, 2004
Director, Business Diversity at Tufts Health Plan

PhD Thesis (UCB only)

Doug Day, 2003
Research Scientist with Jose Jimenez, University of Colorado-Boulder AT

PhD Thesis (UCB only)

Patti Cleary, 2003
Associate Professor, Department of Geosciences, University of Wisconsin Parkside
Patricia.Cleary AT

PhD Thesis (UCB only)

Joel Thornton, 2002
Associate Professor, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Washington
thornton AT

PhD Thesis (UCB only)

Michael Dillon, 2002
Staff Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
dillon AT
PhD Thesis (UCB only)

Melissa Hendricks, 1999
PhD Thesis (UCB only)




Randy Apodaca

Carly Ebben
UAW 5810

Amanda A. Frossard
Assistant Professor, University of Georgia
afrossard AT

Julie Fry
Assistant Professor, Reed College
fry AT

Rynda Hudman
Environmental Scientist, EPA Region 9
Kay.Rynda AT

Brian LaFranchi
Atmospheric Monitoring Specialist, Aclima

Allison Steiner
Associate Professor, University of Michigan
alsteiner AT

Katja Weichsel



Megan Vieira, M.S. 2017

Kaitlin Duffey, M.S. 2013

Charity Garland, M.S. 2012

Pete Dillon, M.S. 2007
Project Scientist at ERM

Erin Conlisk, M.S., 2003
Postdoctoral Fellow, UCR
erin.conlisk AT

Linda Koch, M.S., 1998
Department of Chemistry, University of Colorado



Jennifer Grant

Brandon Zhong

Nishant Mishra

Yin Yin Teo

Claire Engelmann

Marissa Pagador

Stephanie Salas

Natalie Ahn

Alisha Laroia

Danny Siu

Connor Dolan

Lindsey Anderson

Ruqian Wang

Tiffany Duong

Amy Liu

Annie Leal

Isabella Craig

Garima Rajeha

Wayne Li

Ka Hong Chan

Robert Riestenberg

Jo Melville

Baseem Taraz

Courtney Grimes

Nolan Wong

Alexis Shusterman

Amina Saleh

Phuong V N Nguyen

Monica Liu

Anna Mebust

Kavita Hardy

Walter Singaram

James Hunter

Lauren Rosebrugh

Dylan Arias

Yiwen (Terrence) Tan

Eric Foote

Marcus Gibson

Michael Lawler

Stefaniya Gileva-Becking

Dione Rossiter

Cory Laws

Anupreet Parmar

Colin Hughes

Ashley Houchin

Idalia Perez

Daniel Deeds

Wilson Mok

Sherry Lin

Wen-Kai (Joe) Su

R. Christian Solem

Eyad Youssef

Armando Rivero

Cathryn Tonne

Visiting Scholars

Clara Nussbaumer
Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen, Aachen Germany 

Phillip Lux
Ludwig-Maximilian University, Munich, Germany

Kaitlyn Leischke
I-house fellowship, Hellman Fellowship

Julie Cremieux
UPMC, Sorbonne, Paris, Advisor Heloise Dossman

Charlotte Burki
MS student EPFL Lausanne, advisor Satoshi Takahama

Alicia Marurix
Outside reader on a University of Utah, MS Thesis

Helen Fitzmaurice
Pittsburgh, CA High School teacher

Yahui (Lily) Cui
Beijing University

Minghao Qiu
Beijing University

Yexin Liu
Chinese Academy of Science, Guanzhou

Alex Turner
Harvard University

Boguang Wang
Professor Jinan University, Guanzhou, China

Pascal Tay
ETH-Zurich, March –September 2008, Diplom Thesis, Constraints on NOxEmissions from satellite Observations: Exploring techniques and Limitations for regional Scale analysis in the case of Eastern Texas.

Simon Schmutz
ETH-Zurich, March –September 2008, Diplom Thesis, Constraints on NOxEmissions from satellite Observations: Exploring techniques and Limitations for regional Scale analysis in the case of Eastern Texas.

Barbara Treutlein
University of Tuebingen Fall 2004-Summer 2005, PhD Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany, Postdoc Stanford University, Asst. Prof. Technical University Munich

Gregor Wernet
University of Tuebingen

Jens Frees
Diplom 2001, Technische Universitaet Berlin, A Prototype Field Instrument for Detection of the Nitrate Radical by Laser-Induced Fluorescencebased on research conducted at Berkeley

Timothy Albrecht
Diplom 2000; Universitaet Duisberg-Essen, Improved laser-based detection of nitrate radicals in the gas phasebased on research conducted at Berkeley