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Data – Cohen Research

Here are links to internal and external data sites, as well as links to our collaborators at UC-Berkeley and beyond.

Hosted Data

Direct links to data or to other sites containing data hosted by the Cohen Research Team:

The BErkeley Atmospheric CO2 Observation Network (BEACON) website and data

The BErkeley High Resolution (BEHR) retrieval of NO2 tropospheric columns from the space-based Ozone Monitoring Instrument

The BEARPEX campaign data repository; Biosphere Effects on Aerosols and Photochemistry Experiment

Observations made by the Cohen Research Team include Blodgett Forest (2000-2005), Southern Oxidants Study (1999), TEXAQS (2000), Granite Bay (2001), Big Hill (2003-2004), Chebogue Point (2004), INTEX-A (2004), PAVE (2005), PAN Intercomparison Experiment (PIE, 2005), INTEX-B (2006), MILAGRO (2006), BEARPEX (2007/2009), ARCTAS (2008), CALNEX – SJV (2010), DISCOVER-AQ (2011-2013), UBWOS (2012) SOAS (2013) and SEAC4RS(2013). For access to any data from the field campaigns in which we have participated, please contact our staff scientist Paul Wooldridge. For data from CALNEX or DISCOVER-AQ you can also contact Sally Pusede. For data from TEXAQS2000, please **FIX LINKS*** click here for the data and click here for the readme file. For data from Big Hill, please click here.

For group members, here is the rates folder.


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