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Videos – Cohen Research

Check out our work featured nationally and locally!

How Climate Change Affects You

Ron Cohen joins UC Berkeley’s Light the Way Series to discuss a warmer urban future.

From CO and CO2 Measurements to Emissions Maps

PhD student Naomi Asimow talks about how we can use the BEACO2N network to provide insights into urban emissions and neighborhood-scale concentration gradients of pollutants.

Ron Cohen on BEACO2N Sensors

Cities are the Key to the Climate Solution: Meeting Global Greenhouse Gases and Air Quality Targets Through Real-time Measurement

Ron Cohen leads UC Berkeley’s BEACO2N , a new strategy for understanding green house gases and air quality at street level. He proposes that cities all over the world use it to help meet their climate goals.

The BEACO2N project is a key component to this global initiative to drive impactful policy decision making through low cost, highly effective urban GHG and air pollution sensors.

Exploratorium Earth Day Interview with Mary Miller and Ron Cohen from UC Berkeley

Mutual Air project highlights BEACO2N

Mary Miller, Program Director for Environmental Science Partnerships at Exploratorium interviews Ron Cohen, Professor of Chemistry and an atmospheric scientist about air quality improvement during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Exploratorium’s Artist-in-Residence Rosten Woo developed a public art project called Mutual Air. Several videos were presented and one highlighted the work done as part of BEACO2N .

Smoked Out: What scientists at Cal are learning about smoky Bay Area skies

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Bay Area air pollution tracker gets national recognition

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