Recent News and Awards Related to Our Research

Lab Alumni Jen Murphy receives prestigious Atmospheric Sciences Ascent Award from the American Geophysical Union, July 2019

During NOAA field campaign FIREX-AQ, graduate student Hannah Kenagy works on flight planning for the ER-2 aircraft, a  high-altitude plane equipped with a suite of remote sensing instruments, July 2019

Graduate student Hannah Kenagy participates in National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) summer community project, MOONLIGHT, June 2019

Post Doc Alex Turner is featured in Miller Institute Newsletter, “Fellow Focus: Interpreting contemporary trends in atmospheric methane” , May 2019

Lab alumni and Associate Professor at Colorado State University, Delphine Farmer’s research featured in The New Yorker article entitled “The Hidden Air Pollution in our Homes“, describing the indoor air quality changes that take place during normal (and holiday!) activities. April, 2019

Lab Alumni Garima Raheja discusses NASA internship and combining environmental justice with data science, in UC Berkeley student profile, 2018

Graduate student Hannah Kenagy awarded Outstanding Student Presentation Award Winner at the American Geophysical Union Annual Conference, 2018

Lab alumni and Associate Professor at Colorado State University, Delphine Farmer discusses the HOMEChem project studying indoor air quality, as part of the Home Diagnosis TV series “The Toolmaker of HOMEChem: Delphine Farmer, Atmospheric Chemist“, August 2018

Post Doc Alex Turner’s research is highlighted in The Economist article “Scientists Struggle to Explain a Worrying Rise in Atmospheric Methane”, April 2018